August 21st, 2014 by Mike Spence

Our SP-1 by SelbySoft POS has a lot of features.  I thought it might be a good idea to cover three reporting figures your coffee shop manager should be looking at.   The great thing is that all three of these are instantly accessible from the Business Summary Recap.

  1. Labor.  The Business Summary shows both the labor percent and labor dollars.  This is a great way for your manager (or yourself) to stay on top of scheduling employees.  Remember, labor is one of the costs you have control over.
  2. Gift Card Sales.  You definitely don’t want this to slip.  SP-1 by SelbySoft will provide a total dollar amount of gift cards sold.  You can even check this number throughout the day to see how different shifts are doing.
  3. Voided Tickets.  This is a great indicator of potential problems in the store.  Any exceptions to the norm should be investigated to insure there was no theft!


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May 9th, 2013 by Mike Spence

Most coffee shops have been in the situation where they would love to have a manager but just can’t justify the labor cost.    Just adding someone at minimum wage is between $7.50 and $10.00 an hour!.

What if you could hire someone at $2.50 an hour and get them to work without complaining?  What if after the first year of work they dropped their wage to a $.25 every hour or even free?

You know where I’m headed with this. . . SP-1 can do this for you at these rates (or lower!).  Sp-1 can:

  • Track employee timekeeping and keep it organized – saving you time and money.
  • Insure that every employee rings in the items correctly and charges the correct price.
  • Neatly tell your barista or kitchen employees what to make and how to make it.
  • Stay on top of your labor costs.
  • Alert you to potential theft when it happens.
  • Give you hourly updates without having to ask for them.
  • Evaluate menu sales and present it to you quickly.
  • Help track how you did this year vs. last year.
  • Run a marketing program for you or for a nickle raise send the marketing emails automatically for you.
  • Not complain.
  • Work 24/7 with no vacations.
  • Track and present an ideal COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) percentage.
  • Help stay on top of employees and increase sales by helping them ask for the up sell.
  • Help your employees remember the name and drink of most customers.

Sometimes we have to look at things in a different light. . .  SP-1 can and will help you with the problems you have.  Even if you are on top of these things, we will help you be more efficient and give you more time with your staff and customers.

Give us a call and ask us for a full featured demonstration.



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January 24th, 2012 by Mike Spence

Don’t you wish you had the money to hire an assistant?  You know, that mythical person that would:

Keep track of employees.

Get your payroll ready for you.

Track labor costs.

Verify pricing on tickets and insure employees know the correct prices.

Track and look for menu items that are not selling.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a 40 hour a week assistant?  What if you could get away with paying that assistant $2.40 an hour?  Think about it – paying someone the same minimum today as they did in 1988 (Washington State rate).    What if I told you that not only can you do that but that after the first year, they will work for FREE?

Sometimes you have to think of things in different terms.   SP-1 is a fantastic POS system. It turns out it’s also makes for a pretty good coffee shop manager.

Why?  Let’s list some things that SP-1 will help you with on a daily basis:


1) With integrated time keeping, you will know what time employees clocked in and out.  Don’t forget, at the end of the payroll period, SP-1 will gather all that information and provide it to you.

2) At a moments notice, SP-1 can give you a labor cost and percent.

3) If you want,  kick it another nickel a day and SP-1 will even email you every hour of the day with sales totals, labor percent and more.

4) SP-1 will diligently  make sure your employees ring things in at the right price.

5) Don’t worry, when you need to  communicate with your staff, just tell SP-1 and all your employees will be updated.  You will even be able to see who has seen the message.

6) Theft will shrink because SP-1 only allows employees to use discounts, voids etc when they are supposed to .  Further, SP-1 will track those and let you know what happened.

7)  By the way, SP-1 will never lie to you or cheat you.

8)  SP-1 will help your staff stay on top of inventory and even help you calculate a cost of goods sold each day.

9)  SP-1 will work 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  No vacations or sick days!

10) SP-1 will do all this without complaining !


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December 20th, 2011 by Mike Spence


1)  Labor.  This is a huge expense in most coffee shops.  The owner should work to put together some guidelines on where labor should be and then stick to it.  SP-1 can help by showing the labor cost both on the Business Summary and on the Dashboard screen.  This gives your coffee shop manager the ability to know where they stand on an hourly basis.  If your manager is not in the store all the time, then consider adding them to the MobilDash  system so they get alerts on their smartphone.


2)  Hourly Sales and Ticket Totals.  Using the Hourly Recap By Week report, your manger can make sure that they know when the busy times are based on how many tickets were created.    Better yet, this report can be organized by menu group so you know what to plan for during those hours.


3)  Voids by Employee.  Our Employee Summary report is designed to  show you, by employee, the total sales and voids.   This is a great way to spot red flags and see what may be happening in your store!

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October 11th, 2011 by Mike Spence

There are a lot of reasons to use our SP-1 point of sale in your store.  We talk about ease of use, gift cards, and other features.    Some of these are features that make it easy to train, track customers or just help the you, the owner, understand what is happening.

What about your manager?  Well, we have some specific tools in SP-1 to help them out as well.   Here are four tools in SP-1 to help your restaurant or coffee shop manager out:

1)  Dashboard – this is the absolute easiest way for your manager to stay on top of the figures that matter day in and day out.   Simply by selecting the Dashboard button in SP-1, your manager can see total sales, labor to sales ratios as well as direct comparisons of today vrs last week, last month and last year.  This is a great way to have your manager be on top of things!

2) Hourly Summary  – This report will show your manager how many tickets were down by the 1/2 hour over a weekly period.  This becomes a fantastic tool to track busy times and trends.
3)  Ecomms – Employee Communications is another great tool for your manager.  With our included Ecomm system, your manager can email your employees directly from SP-1.  Better yet, SP-1 records the email and requires that the employee enter a random four digit code before being able to clock in!  By using Ecomms effectively, your manager will be able to stay on top of employees.
4) Employee Summary Report – One of the most underused reports by managers.  With this report, you can directly see, by employee who has the most sales, voids etc.  This can be a great tool to show how productive employees are.

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