3 Things Your Coffee Shop Manager Should Review In Your POS


1)  Labor.  This is a huge expense in most coffee shops.  The owner should work to put together some guidelines on where labor should be and then stick to it.  SP-1 can help by showing the labor cost both on the Business Summary and on the Dashboard screen.  This gives your coffee shop manager the ability to know where they stand on an hourly basis.  If your manager is not in the store all the time, then consider adding them to the MobilDash  system so they get alerts on their smartphone.


2)  Hourly Sales and Ticket Totals.  Using the Hourly Recap By Week report, your manger can make sure that they know when the busy times are based on how many tickets were created.    Better yet, this report can be organized by menu group so you know what to plan for during those hours.


3)  Voids by Employee.  Our Employee Summary report is designed to  show you, by employee, the total sales and voids.   This is a great way to spot red flags and see what may be happening in your store!

December 20th, 2011 by