5 Ways to Help Eliminate Theft in Your Store!


1)  Don’t leave cash in the drawers!   Those signs you see stating that no cash is left on the premises are there to help discourage break ins.  Make sure your staff knows that you don’t keep cash on hand as well.


2)   At the end of the night, make sure that potential thieves can see that your cash drawer is empty.  Leave the drawer open and set the inserts on top of the counter.  This lets people walking by see that you have nothing in the drawers.  Seriously, we sell a few replacement drawers a month because thieves rip the drawers out.


3) When handling cash, make sure that the bill the customer hands you is not put in the drawer until the change has been handed back.    There are a number of scams involving money exchanges (as well as legitimate mistakes).   Doing this will help eliminate the potential for confusion regarding what bill was handed to you.   If you have a camera system at the register or POS station, then make sure it captures the denomination of the bill as well.


4)  Use the POS for counting back change.   I know we all joke that kids today can’t count back change but this is important.  If the employees enter the tendered amount onto the POS screen  then you will see less mistakes and confusion on the change going back to the customer.


5)  Watch where employees store their personal items.    Employees should not have easy access to jackets or purses right next to product.  It’s just too tempting for some people to slip product into their jacket when leaving the store.


December 15th, 2011 by