Four tools in SP-1 for your coffee shop or restaurant manager

There are a lot of reasons to use our SP-1 point of sale in your store.  We talk about ease of use, gift cards, and other features.    Some of these are features that make it easy to train, track customers or just help the you, the owner, understand what is happening.

What about your manager?  Well, we have some specific tools in SP-1 to help them out as well.   Here are four tools in SP-1 to help your restaurant or coffee shop manager out:

1)  Dashboard – this is the absolute easiest way for your manager to stay on top of the figures that matter day in and day out.   Simply by selecting the Dashboard button in SP-1, your manager can see total sales, labor to sales ratios as well as direct comparisons of today vrs last week, last month and last year.  This is a great way to have your manager be on top of things!

2) Hourly Summary  – This report will show your manager how many tickets were down by the 1/2 hour over a weekly period.  This becomes a fantastic tool to track busy times and trends.
3)  Ecomms – Employee Communications is another great tool for your manager.  With our included Ecomm system, your manager can email your employees directly from SP-1.  Better yet, SP-1 records the email and requires that the employee enter a random four digit code before being able to clock in!  By using Ecomms effectively, your manager will be able to stay on top of employees.
4) Employee Summary Report – One of the most underused reports by managers.  With this report, you can directly see, by employee who has the most sales, voids etc.  This can be a great tool to show how productive employees are.
October 11th, 2011 by