March 17th, 2011 by ssadmin
Clock Out Options for Servers

If you have servers in your restaurant,  you will be interested in this.    I have occasionally heard from our customers that one of the issues they run up against is a server forgetting to close a table before their shift ends.  Now, the server collects the money but leaves that table on hold.  

This can throw a wrench in closing out the servers and reconciling the end of day paperwork.  

After thinking about this, our development guys decided to work on a new way of preventing this from happening.  

There is now a new feature in SP-1 that will allow you to prompt a server during clock out if they have tickets that have been left on hold.  This message will appear when you attempt to clock out.  

If you have a security level applied, a password will be required to select the “No Clock-Out” button.

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January 20th, 2011 by ssadmin
Server Close Out

The server close out report was created for those of you that operate a table service environment.   This report is great for the “server banking” aspect of a table service restaurant.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the “server banking” concept. . . It’s a method of having your server carry a “bank” of change with them in order to cash out tickets table side.  The server is then responsible for maintaining their own cash accountability.  

The Server Close Out report is used by the server once they are done with their shift.   The server will select the Server Close Out button in order entry to print the close out to the receipt printer. This gives a full reconciliation of the servers bank. 

As you can see by the example, this has a full list of all the tickets with totals, tender type, amount collected, tips and table number. 

We then take that amount, subtract checks, credit cards, accounts, gift cards, and gift certificates and report the cash sales.  

Next we take the cash sales and deduct any tips and check overages (writing a check for cash back).  That provides you with a total dollar amount the employee owes the house! 

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November 23rd, 2009 by ssadmin

With the holidays upon us, we see more people going out and ordering in large groups. Did you know that SP-1 has a great way to handle splitting a ticket or a check?

There are two ways to talk about splitting checks. . . With and without our table service ability.

Table Service

If you have table service in your locations and are assigning seats to the people ordering, then the splitting of checks is very, very easy! Once you have started the ticket, you can select the seat that the items are going to by selecting the Seat/Separate Check button. Select the next seat and order their items – keep doing this until you have every one’s order. Now that you have the order in and have sent it to the kitchen, we come to the end of the meal – the customer now asks for the check and wants it split!

With SP-1, you will simply open the Table and be presented with the Seat / Separate check screen. Now you will select the Move Seat button and select first the seat you want to move and then the check you want it applied to. It’s that easy and all the items on that seat get moved over. Remember, you can move multiple seats to the same check as well.

If you are not using the seating portion of the table service, then things change slightly. You would first take all the orders on Seat 1. Once the group wants to separate the check, then you can use the move units button to move items from the ticket to the proper seat and separate check.

Non-Table Service

If you are not using table service, then the whole seat issue goes out the window! Instead, you simply take the order like normal to begin with. Once you are ready to split the checks, you will select the Seat/Separate check button. This screen shows you the different checks available. You would then select the Move Units button and move the items to the appropriate check.

This can be a powerful way to take multiple orders from one group and then split the tickets. Each ticket will be paid individually and able to be cashed out with any of the normal methods.

Hopefully this clears up some of the ways that separate checks can be done. Please call us with any questions on this and one of our customer service reps can explain in more detail!

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July 20th, 2009 by ssadmin

New 40 Column Balance Till Report.

Version 7.50g and above have a new balance till report available. This is our till report intended for the 40 column receipt printers.
This report will make it easier and more convenient for you to close shifts! Thanks for all the suggestions on this from our customers and for the input. Don’t hesitate to call our support or sales department for more information

7/20/09 7:52a
Shift# 1 ( 4:00a- 3:40p)
Total Sales: 184.64
Cash: 165.75
Check: 0.00
Credit Cards: 0.00
Account: 0.00
Gift Cards: 108.41
Paid Outs:
Description Amount Ticket
100001090 -50.00 0009
100001090 -39.52 0012
—— —
-89.52 2
Voids: 17.95 (6)
Coupons: None
Description Qty Amount
2 3.77
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