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Balance Till

We get a few calls from people wanting to understand the Balance Till better.  So, I thought I’d address some explanations for that report.  Please remember that there are a number of settings with the Balance Till so yours make look different.
Let’s start with the columns across the top!
Ticket:  This is the ticket number for the order.  Remember that a great thing about SP-1 is that we always match to a ticket number.  There is no way to “skip” a ticket number in SP-1!
Amount:  This will show the pre-tax amount for the ticket.  If the ticket was voided, then it is indicated here as well.
Tax:  Total tax for the ticket.
Total:  The total on the ticket after tax.
Cash Tender:  This field is the actual dollar amount that was tendered.  So if you have a $10 ticket and the customer hands the employee a $20 bill, this will show $20.  There are some other messages that can appear here as well:
  • On Hold:  This will show for any ticket that is not paid for yet.  The other time this shows up is if there is a credit card or gift card that is waiting for a tip.  
  • Paid Out: If you created a paid out and took money from the drawer it is reflected here. 
  • Original Deferred Order: If you have a future (or timed) order that has not gone through yet, it is mentioned here. 
Cash:  The cash transactions are here.  This column is sub-totaled and then any of the credit card and gift card tips are subtracted to show actual cash in drawer.  Paid outs are also subtracted from this total.
Check:  This shows any transactions paid by check.
Credit Card:  All credit card transactions are reported here.  This total includes the tip amount.  The Type column next to it shows the credit card type (Visa, MC etc).
Account:  This is the account charge or payment made on a ticket.
Gift Card:  All gift card transactions are reported here.  This includes the total tip amount as well.
Order Type:  This is what the order type was (Delivery, Dine In, Carry Out, Pickup).
WS:  If you have more than one POS terminal, then the workstation number is recorded here.
Emp:  The employee ID that took the order is recorded here.
Ropn:  This is the employee that re-opened a ticket and made changes to it.
At the bottom of the Balance Till are some other items –
On Hold Tickets:  This shows the total number of tickets On Hold and the total dollar amount.  Remember, On Hold means the ticket was either never cashed out or that a tip was never applied.
Original Deferred Orders:  This shows all the deferred orders that have not been made and collected yet.  The total number and dollar amount are reported here.  A deferred order is an order that has been set to be made for a specific date or time.
Credit Card Summary:  This shows you each credit card transaction so they can be matched against the credit card slip and totals.
Gift Card Summary:  This shows you the summary of each gift card transaction.
Coupon Summary:  A listing of each coupon used.  The time, ticket number and employee number are shown here as well.
Discount Summary:  A listing of each discount used.  The time, ticket number and employee number are shown here as well.
Because the Balance Till is so versatile, there are a number of configurations.  If you have questions regarding your specific setup just give us a call!

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New 40 Column Balance Till Report.

Version 7.50g and above have a new balance till report available. This is our till report intended for the 40 column receipt printers.
This report will make it easier and more convenient for you to close shifts! Thanks for all the suggestions on this from our customers and for the input. Don’t hesitate to call our support or sales department for more information

7/20/09 7:52a
Shift# 1 ( 4:00a- 3:40p)
Total Sales: 184.64
Cash: 165.75
Check: 0.00
Credit Cards: 0.00
Account: 0.00
Gift Cards: 108.41
Paid Outs:
Description Amount Ticket
100001090 -50.00 0009
100001090 -39.52 0012
—— —
-89.52 2
Voids: 17.95 (6)
Coupons: None
Description Qty Amount
2 3.77
Contact us at:
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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