Server Close Out Reports

Server Close Out

The server close out report was created for those of you that operate a table service environment.   This report is great for the “server banking” aspect of a table service restaurant.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the “server banking” concept. . . It’s a method of having your server carry a “bank” of change with them in order to cash out tickets table side.  The server is then responsible for maintaining their own cash accountability.  

The Server Close Out report is used by the server once they are done with their shift.   The server will select the Server Close Out button in order entry to print the close out to the receipt printer. This gives a full reconciliation of the servers bank. 

As you can see by the example, this has a full list of all the tickets with totals, tender type, amount collected, tips and table number. 

We then take that amount, subtract checks, credit cards, accounts, gift cards, and gift certificates and report the cash sales.  

Next we take the cash sales and deduct any tips and check overages (writing a check for cash back).  That provides you with a total dollar amount the employee owes the house! 

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