July 28th, 2014 by Mike Spence

Have you heard of Buddy Punching?  You might not be familiar with the term but you have probably experienced it in your store.

Buddy Punching is when an employee has their buddy clock them in or out.  This results in time keeping theft.  In other words, you are paying an employee when they are not in the store!

A fingerprint ID unit can certainly stop this type of theft from occurring.  They are inexpensive, safe and reliable.  Beyond that, they are the only real, effective, method of stopping buddy punching.   There is another type of employee time theft that can happen however.  It occurs when someone of authority edits their own or another employees time.
Recently, we had a customer that caught a manager changing her clock out time by 30 minutes every shift.  This customer used our Time Keeping Audit report to track this and catch the offending manager.
In the example below, employee code 7 changed the clock out time for James Smith.

Desc         Employee                  Date In     Time In   Date Out     Time Out   WS
Bef.Edit     1 SMITH, JAMES      7/25/14      2:05p     7/25/14       2:14p         1 ( 2:15p 7/25/14 7)
Aft.Edit      1 SMITH, JAMES      7/25/14      2:05p     7/25/14       4:00p         1 ( 2:15p 7/25/14 7)

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July 10th, 2012 by Mike Spence

How do your employees clock in?   Code?  Swipe Card?  Neither of those are bad but they also are not the easiest or more secure way.

Let’s look at some pros and cons in four common areas:

Employee Code Swipe Card Fingerprint ID
Cost Free $50 for a 25 pack of reusable cards. $125 for the unit.
Employee Sharing Easy to do.  An employee can give their code and password to anyone. Easy but in a different way.  Employees can give their card to a friend use. Secure.  Employees cannot share fingers!
Potential Theft High.  Employees can easily steal someone else’s code and either use that or even a managers code to void transactions etc. High.  Employees can pick up someone else’s card and use it.  This can be done even without the original employee knowing about it. Low.  Employees cannot perform functions they are not supposed to without physically touching the right finger to the Fingerprint ID unit.
Ease of Use Fair.  Employee has to type the code and password when clocking in. Good.  Swipe the card when asked for. Better.  Simply touch your finger to the reader and you are done.

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August 9th, 2011 by Mike Spence
It’s amazing sometimes how loose security can be in the food and beverage industry.  Considering the fact that statistics say employee theft is likely in 75% to 95% of all locations, we know it probably is happening to you.  

There are all kinds of theft out there but I’m going to focus on employee time theft today. 

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Your employee is running late (again) so he calls a friend.  The buddy clocks him in and he is collecting wages without working. 

There is a ticket that needs voiding or a discount applied.  The manager is busy.  So, the employee knows the code, grabs the managers swipe card or keys and fixes the ticket. 

Happens all the time right?  It shouldn’t. . . These are just two scenarios where biometrics (fingerprint id) can help.   With a fingerprint id in place there is no mistaking who did what and when.  

Fingerprint readers are cost effective, safe and reliable.  Better yet, they are theft proof when used right.   Want to bring control to your location?  Call us and find out more. 

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