Stop Buddy-Punching!

It’s amazing sometimes how loose security can be in the food and beverage industry.  Considering the fact that statistics say employee theft is likely in 75% to 95% of all locations, we know it probably is happening to you.  

There are all kinds of theft out there but I’m going to focus on employee time theft today. 

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Your employee is running late (again) so he calls a friend.  The buddy clocks him in and he is collecting wages without working. 

There is a ticket that needs voiding or a discount applied.  The manager is busy.  So, the employee knows the code, grabs the managers swipe card or keys and fixes the ticket. 

Happens all the time right?  It shouldn’t. . . These are just two scenarios where biometrics (fingerprint id) can help.   With a fingerprint id in place there is no mistaking who did what and when.  

Fingerprint readers are cost effective, safe and reliable.  Better yet, they are theft proof when used right.   Want to bring control to your location?  Call us and find out more. 

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