Fingerprint ID for Employee Clock In

How do your employees clock in?   Code?  Swipe Card?  Neither of those are bad but they also are not the easiest or more secure way.

Let’s look at some pros and cons in four common areas:

Employee Code Swipe Card Fingerprint ID
Cost Free $50 for a 25 pack of reusable cards. $125 for the unit.
Employee Sharing Easy to do.  An employee can give their code and password to anyone. Easy but in a different way.  Employees can give their card to a friend use. Secure.  Employees cannot share fingers!
Potential Theft High.  Employees can easily steal someone else’s code and either use that or even a managers code to void transactions etc. High.  Employees can pick up someone else’s card and use it.  This can be done even without the original employee knowing about it. Low.  Employees cannot perform functions they are not supposed to without physically touching the right finger to the Fingerprint ID unit.
Ease of Use Fair.  Employee has to type the code and password when clocking in. Good.  Swipe the card when asked for. Better.  Simply touch your finger to the reader and you are done.
July 10th, 2012 by