Why you SHOULD NOT buy your own equipment

Buying hardware on your own is a bad idea. . .How is that for a starting point?  It’s true though,  it’s not usually just a bad idea, it’s a potential recipe for disaster.

I know that many of you feel that you should be able to buy the cheapest computer you can find at Costco or Best Buy and be up and running in minutes.  I’m sorry – it just won’t happen.   

One of the best reasons to purchase equipment from the same company you buy software from is the support.  The crude term is “One throat to choke” but it can be appropriate.  The amount of money you save purchasing a computer based on price will not justify the long term support you will have to supply.  Notice that I said you in that line . . . Expecting the POS company to support equipment they were not paid for is just not realistic.  

Right now the cheapest I can find a computer is about $200 less than what we sell one for.   Of course that does not include:
Setup by a qualified technician.
A professional version of the OS.
PCI / PA-DSS hardening including proper Windows user setup, passwords, turning off and eliminating of the unused services, activating the required auditing.  
No finger pointing when an issue comes up. 
The proper port configuration and software setup in Windows to function with all the peripheral equipment. 
Supporting that computer through the warranty and, in some cases, beyond.  

So for an extra $67 a year you get all of that and more.  And, let’s not forget that we have to agree that talking to one of our technicians is way less frustrating than the kid behind the counter at a box store or the guy on the other side of the planet when buying over the internet. 

Are there exceptions?  Of course, but call us before you spend the money on the computer.  

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