Training on your POS

Has it been a while since you dug into some of the other features of SP-1?  Did you hire a new manager and now want to train them on the back end of SP-1?

One of the challenges with any store is that they rarely have an opportunity to train on the POS because it’s in use.  It’s not a time zone thing either – I don’t know a lot of owners who would want to train at 3am or 11pm with their staff.  It’s usually because the POS is in operation!

So, why not call us and let us help?   With our SP-1 POS we can setup a virtual training session of your SP-1 system through our support department that let’s us train any of your staff outside of the POS computer or even outside of the store!  

This is a free option included with our support plans.  Don’t hesitate to use it! 

Contact us at:
Mike Spence
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

August 25th, 2011 by