February 5th, 2016 by Mike Spence

Last year we wrote about QR Codes and how to generate and use them in your coffee shop or cafe.  Adding a QR code to the bottom of the receipt to can be a neat way to announce your cafe grand opening.  I wrote about those here.

I recently found out there there is an updated tool to generate QR codes that gives you more flexibility.  You can find that tool by clicking here. Here is a sample receipt showing the use of a QR code.


Coffee receipt

SelbySoft point of sale receipt showing a coupon for a coffee shop at the end of the ticket.


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August 11th, 2011 by Mike Spence
Random Competitor Receipt

I pay attention to customer receipts.  It’s part of my job and I always like to see how different companies present a customer receipt.  

Recently I received a receipt from a store that was using one of my competitors.  I was a little shocked at how bad it looked.  The prices don’t line up, the quantity field has 1.00 instead of whole numbers (after all you are not selling 1.25 scones).  I’ll hope that the receipt is partially a reflection of the way that company setup that particular location.  Maybe, just maybe they have some switches that will allow them to reconfigure the receipt to look better.   

Seeing this receipt made me realize that many people don’t really consider how a receipt might look when they are shopping for a POS.  I think that the receipt can be very important as it is a reflection of your store and your professionalism.  It’s also a reflection on the POS company.  Nobody is perfect but receipts should look good.   

For example, the receipt I’m referring to has the quantity as 1.00.  The reason this is a poor reflection is that it shows a lack of thought in programming.    It makes sense to take it out to two decimal places if the item being sold is weighed and sold by the ounce / gram etc.  This company choose to mark every quantity to two decimal places, even if the item is not something that is weighed.    It was most likely done this way because it was easier from a programming standpoint.   

We have the same ability to sell by weight.  We choose to add the extra lines of code to insure that weighed items are taken out to two decimal places and other items just show the whole number.  It just makes sense!  

SP-1 Receipt

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