QR Codes & SP-1 by SelbySoft

Do you know what a QR Code is?  It’s that funky squarish bar code thing you see around.  The advantage of a QR Code over a regular bar code is that it can store much more information.  A good example of this is QR Codes that use website links to provide easy access for users.

QR Codes can be created fairly easily.   I’ve included a couple links to QR Code generators that I’ve used in the past.


  • Alt-PrintScreen (this will copy your screen to the Windows clipboard)
  • Open PAINT in Windows.
  • Ctrl-V (or right click your mouse and paste).  This will past the screen into paint.  You can then select just the qr code and copy to your documents.
  • You can then save this QR Code as a picture and use it in your own literature.


Now what?  Well, you can use them in your own marketing information, signs, posters etc.  Or, if you want to take it to the next level, put a QR Code on the back of your gift and loyalty card.   Now anytime someone scans that gift car, you can have them directed to:

  • Your website.  Or better yet, have a specials page on your website that is only accessed by scanning the QR Code – You can then update the specials daily / weekly / monthly.
  • Facebook or Twitter.  Let them like or follow you.
  • Online retail.  Do you sell retail goods, roasted coffee, gifts online?   Take them to a cart pre-loaded with the item.
April 2nd, 2015 by