August 7th, 2014 by Mike Spence

Do you offer seasonal items?  Certain drinks or food that you only offer during different times of the year?   It could even be a special item you carry weekly or monthly.   SP-1 by SelbySoft has a special switch designed specifically for these situations.   The Inactive switch in Master Files allows you to turn off a menu item (or group) so the historical reporting is accurate but the item does not appear on the menu.

This switch has a cascading effect as well.  If you turn off the sandwich menu group then all items in that group are off.  If you mark tomato as inactive then only that item is affected.

This can be a great switch for making menu changes and even for designing a new menu group before implementing it for your staff. Simply turn it on and test it and then turn it off if you need to make more changes to the menu.


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