December 22nd, 2011 by Mike Spence

Ok, maybe just cool to us.  I know most people don’t give a second thought to the cash drawer that the POS system is using.  That’s where we are a little different.    We know that every  piece of equipment that goes into a store has to work properly.

So what makes the cash drawers cool?   Let’s start with the technology side of things. . .

These drawers are all steel construction and not plastic or aluminum.  The drawers are solid.  You are not opening this one by smacking it on top ala Fonzie.   Additionally, they have a three position key lock that can be set for manual open, electronic open or locked.   These drawers do not have the cheesy button on the bottom that opens the drawer without a key either.    The cables are routed from the bottom and not the back.

These drawers have a number of options available and come in two sizes.    Media slots are available so you can place credit card slips in the drawer without having to open it.  Additionally, there are extra inserts and locking lids available!

So, what about the software side of things?  This is where we try to cover all the bases.   The cash drawers are setup to only open electronically through SP-1.  This insures that the drawer is only open  when it is supposed to be.  If you need multiple drawers, each station can have up to five that open independently.  I know that’s a lot of cash drawers but we always like to over design.  Typically a store will use two at a time so they can have the employees accountable for cash.     Finally you can assign specific drawers to  an employee so there is no question as to where the cash shortage came from.


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December 15th, 2011 by Mike Spence


1)  Don’t leave cash in the drawers!   Those signs you see stating that no cash is left on the premises are there to help discourage break ins.  Make sure your staff knows that you don’t keep cash on hand as well.


2)   At the end of the night, make sure that potential thieves can see that your cash drawer is empty.  Leave the drawer open and set the inserts on top of the counter.  This lets people walking by see that you have nothing in the drawers.  Seriously, we sell a few replacement drawers a month because thieves rip the drawers out.


3) When handling cash, make sure that the bill the customer hands you is not put in the drawer until the change has been handed back.    There are a number of scams involving money exchanges (as well as legitimate mistakes).   Doing this will help eliminate the potential for confusion regarding what bill was handed to you.   If you have a camera system at the register or POS station, then make sure it captures the denomination of the bill as well.


4)  Use the POS for counting back change.   I know we all joke that kids today can’t count back change but this is important.  If the employees enter the tendered amount onto the POS screen  then you will see less mistakes and confusion on the change going back to the customer.


5)  Watch where employees store their personal items.    Employees should not have easy access to jackets or purses right next to product.  It’s just too tempting for some people to slip product into their jacket when leaving the store.


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March 29th, 2011 by ssadmin

Does your cash drawer open when you use a gift card?  It doesn’t have to! 

Under the Cash Drawer options in System Setup | Cash Drawer, you can select to have the drawer   stay closed when a gift or credit card is used.  

This allows you to limit employee access to the physical cash drawer.

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