Kitchen and Barista Monitors

We are back from the SCAA show in Anaheim! It was a great show and a good time catching up with customers and new clients.
While down there, we had a number of people ask us about the Barista / Kitchen monitor systems. It seems that dropped paper, lost and greasy slips are causing people to say enough and to start looking for a different solution.
The monitors work by being placed in a spot that is easy to see and visible to the person making the order as well as the rest of the staff. An advantage with this is the fact that the monitor is visible by all and it helps the manger and owner keep an eye on how the make line / barista section of the location is doing. This helps eliminate bottlenecks and improves communication and flow in the store.
Additionally, these monitors have the ability to time how long an order is taking. If an order hits the deadline then the time starts to flash! This gives an instant notification that the order is taking too long and also helps that staff member stay on top of things.

These monitors can be arranged to show the orders in variety of ways. For instance, drinks on top, food on bottom; carry out on top, delivery on bottom and so on.

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