Gift Card Comps!

We are headed to the SCAA this week in Anaheim Ca! Looking forward to catching up with friends and clients again out there.
I was talking with my support department last week and they explained that we are getting a number of people who are using comped gift cards to fix mistakes or boost marketing with their stores. It’s a great idea. . . Instead of handing a free drink out the window, give a customer a gift card that they can treat as cash and you can track.

So, how do you comp the card? The best way is to setup a discount that works for the gift cards only. The example below is of one that is a flat $5.00 discount. Notice that we have a price table of $5.00 making this a set discount. You could also add a security level so only managers / owners have access to this. When a gift card is sold and this discount applied it will discount that gift card by a flat $5.00. It does not matter if it is applied to a new or existing card.

Now the next example is an open discount: Notice that the price table is blank. This means that the employee can enter any amount they want for the discount! Pretty dangerous if you don’t have a security level on this! However, there is another way to make this type of discount easy to use – Enter an amount in the Max Discount Amt field. When a dollar amount is entered here, it sets a MAXIMUM amount that the employee can discount. For example, the price is blank and an employee goes to give a $20 gift card away- the system will tell them that it is limited to $5.00 and will not allow it.

This can also be a great way to help empower employees to correct mistakes, yet still track what is going on and eliminate abuses.

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