Order Processing

Order Processing

Talk about a little used but incredibly powerful part of SP-1.  This included feature does typically require an additional user license and computer to take advantage of it but the rewards can certainly outweigh the costs!
So, what is it?  Order Processing allows you more effectively control your make (food or drink) line and insure better customer service.  This is accomplished by effectively tracking the time it takes to prepare items. As a side, this system can also provide a reasonably accurate quote time printed on a customer receipt or displayed on a screen.
It’s all accomplished by sending every order (or basing it simply on one menu item) to an Order Processing monitor that is located by the  make line.

These orders appear on that monitor as shown below:

So, once the crew has gone through and made the order (based on the printer/monitor) then they will mark the line off the Order Processing monitor.     The numbers on the far right show how long it has been since the order was placed.  Once the order is marked off, SP-1 can calculate a quote time based that! 

Think about it. . . you would then have an accurate time to quote your customers when they ask how long a wait is!

There are more benefits to this system however:  Order Processing gives you the ability to see how well your make line is doing.

This happens because as the items are made and ready to be handed to the customer or put in the oven, the employee will mark that the order is done.  This then let’s us know what the average time it takes to make an order is. 

The above is a sample report from the Order Processing system.  We provide, by the menu group and by the hour, the average, low and high quote times for the day. 
We have customers that love this option as it allows them to focus on making the kitchen or barista line more responsible for getting orders out quickly and eliminating the bottlenecks in the order process. 

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