Holiday Customer Rewards

Holiday’s and Customer Rewards!
Every year the holidays seem to get busier and busier!  Remember that your customers are short on time, patience and money during these times.
Now is the time of the year to start using the marketing database you have been building up with your delivery customers and with your gift card / reward programs.  This information allows you to get a leg up on the other advertising campaigns your competition by reminding your customers why they buy from you in the first place. 
So, where do we start? How about with the Top 100 List of customers?  Send them a reward for coming in so often and remind them why they are important to you.

Let’s not forget the people that have started to drift away from your store.  These are the so-called “lazy” customers.  Target the ones that have not ordered in 30,60 or 90 days.

Changing your holiday hours?  Staying open later on weekends etc?  Great!  Let’s tell people about it. . . Target your customers by time frame and send your early morning customers a coupon for coming in later.

Too busy in the dining area?  Let’s use that same report to target people that use their cards in the dining room.  Target them with a carry out or delivery special, or just let them know they can pre-order!

Finally, try some blanket emails to target your whole customer base with holiday promotions. This can be targeted in a number of ways and can be tied in with  free marketing on Facebook and Twitter.

Last but not least – run the historical reports to see how well certain specials did last year

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