Get ready for the holidays!

Are you preparing for the holidays? 

The holidays are coming! I know it might seem early to think about Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year when it is not even Halloween yet but relatively speaking they are fast approaching!

So what does that have to do with anything? When you are thinking about your POS system, quite a bit.  This is the best time to start really looking at what happened last year around these holidays.  A lot of store owners that have not made a switch to POS base their expectations on memory – not always the greatest idea. 

Now is the time to start evaluating your menu to prep for the labor and menu changes that will be coming up.  Looking at the data SP-1 can give you will help you make educated and sound decisions to prepare for the coming holidays.

Start by using your Business Summary report to evaluate what menu items worked last year for the same time frame. We suggest the you pay close attention to the menu group and  the specialty portion of the Business Summary. Look at how well your past menu items, and especially your holiday specific items, did last year and adjust accordingly.  This will help you in labor planning, marketing of items and portion control.

Afterall, one of the reasons that you bought a pos was to help keep track of your sales right?

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