Customers, Pole Displays and Order Confirmation

Pole Display and Customers.
There is big  push in a lot of areas to implement pole displays for customer protection.  The thought is that customers will be safe from being ripped off by seeing the correct price.
After my trip to Disneyland,  I’m thinking more and more that we need to think about using pole displays or customer confirmation terminals  and receipt printers for protection against employer theft as well.
For example,  twice while in Disneyland, I bought product from a street vendor and had them ask if we would like a receipt.  When the answer  was no , they took cash and never used the register! Unfortunately, this is a pretty common scenario with locations where there is only one employee working during that shift.  

A good POS with a pole display and automatic receipt  printer helps stop that.  The employee knows that the customer is watching what is happening.    Add a cash drawer that will not allow the next transaction  to be rang up until the drawer and closed and you can be pretty sure you are doing everything possible to prevent theft.    

Add a low tech sign telling customers to expect a receipt to be offered and you are doing better. 
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