Co-Brand your gift cards and maybe save a buck

Have you ever thought of doing this?    

Co-Branding is when you support another companies brand with your own in order to connect the two in your customers mind.   It can be a great way of enticing your customer to visit you because of that connection.  In the specialty beverage world a natural fit is the coffee shop and the roaster relationship.  

Where do gift cards and POS come into co-branding?  Interestingly enough, in a couple ways.  Think about all that real estate on the back of your nice looking gift card.  Now, slap a “Proudly Serving YourRoasterNameHere”  on the back with your roasters logo.  This is an immediate co-branding opportunity.  Want to save some money?  Ask your roaster to pay a portion of the tab on the gift cards or to discount the next order of roasted coffee to help offset the cost.

For those of you with restaurants and cafes, you can do this same thing by asking your cheese vendor or beverage provider (think Coke/Pepsi) to do this. 

Want another way?  SP-1 has the ability print a coupon on the bottom of a receipt.  You can use this to proudly promote a partner, vendor or even another business in town.    

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