New website & blog

Welcome to our new website and blog!

We have been working on this new site for a while and are finally to the point where we can publish the new site.  Content will be added to over the next couple weeks (or months).

Our blog has had a “reboot” as well!  We have moved from to an integrated wordpress blogging system.  This give us more control over the content and keeps it on our site as well as making it easier to reach for our customers.   All the past blogs have been imported here as well as left on the old site for people to find.

As part of this new “reboot” we will be re-visiting some of the older blogs and updating information, adding more media content and generally trying to do a better job of communicating with our current and future clients!

If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know!


August 31st, 2011 by