Cash Drawers, Theft and Accountability

Cash Drawers, Theft and Employee Accountability
Every day here at SelbySoft, we receive calls asking about shortages in the cash drawer.  While a number of these are simple mistakes by the crew, theft is an issue as well.  If we can make our cash handling employees accountable for the mistakes and shortages, then we are on our way to eliminating them.  
So, the question is how can we help?   It all starts by deciding who has access to cash in drawers and how we can minimize that.  
Let’s start by defining how you probably handle the drawer in your location:
  • Do you allow anyone in the store to handle the cash? 
  • Do you have a dedicated cashier that must ring up every order?
  • Do you have a couple people that you trust? 
All of the above work but only if handled properly.  The basic problem in most stores is that there are just too many hands in the drawer.  Then, when the drawer is short – who do you look at?
Let’s talk about how we can make it better and more secure with SP-1
First, we lock down the cash drawer.  In SP-1 you can assign a cash drawer to an employee.  This helps insure employee accountability because only that employee can access the cash.  
The inconvenience with this is that the cashier may not always be at the front counter when the customer is ready to order.  With SP-1 we can make this an easier situation in two ways:
  • Set your system to allow anyone to start a ticket but only the approved employee code to close out a ticket.  This provides you with the flexibility of having every employee being able to start an order (and then place it on hold) but only having one employee cash that customer out.
  • Use multiple cash drawers.  SP-1 allows up to five cash drawers per station!  With this, you are actually assigning 1-5 employees to their own drawers.  If employee one takes an order, drawer one opens, employee two takes an order and drawer two opens.
With either method, you will be on your way to eliminating the potential for shortages in your drawer and increasing employee accountability.

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