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Backups, Backups, Backups (You Can’t Say It Enough)!

Be honest, you don’t backup regularly do you?  We know it’s tough to admit out loud but experience shows that most of you don’t run your backups.  To those of you who do, kudos and a question – when is the last time you checked it??

Customer opens DVD-RW drive and in place of a backup disk – a music cd.
Customer goes to restore a backup and finds that the disk was full a year ago!
Tech asks customer about backup. Customer responds with – what does that mean?
When asked about backups, customer responds with “we do one every year”!

These are real world scenarios that our support department addresses every day.  These don’t even include the people that have fires (yes it happens), hurricanes (sand and water do not help computers), employees that damage machines (employee quits and kicks the machine over), theft (people steal the whole computer), and so on.    And we all know that when you need the backup – you really need it!  It’s much easier to convince your insurance company with copies of all your sales history readily accessible. 

Are you taking advantage of our Online Backup?  Do you even know it exists?  Did you know it is FREE while on a support plan?  
If not, you are missing out on a fantastic part of our support!  
A couple of years ago SelbySoft thought about this long and hard.  We came up with an online backup and now offer that to every single customer on a support plan free of charge!  
This service allows you to sign up and have your information transmitted from your physical store location to our secure server at SelbySoft.  The transfer happens automatically at 3am every night regardless of employee interaction.  This allows us to insure that in the event of a catastrophic failure (lightning, fire etc) we still have a copy of your information! 
Now, this does not mean that we want you stop doing any backups in the store!  Remember, your SP-1 system can (and usually is) setup to perform a backup on site in two ways.  First, we copy all of your information from the main computer to a second computer in the location and then we copy the information to your cd/dvd backup as well.  These are all great ways to insure you have a full system backup.

Remember – Backup, Backup, Backup! And if you have any questions. . . Call us.

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