3 Different Gift & Loyalty Promotions

Gift cards are a big part of the Coffee and Restaurant industry.  The marketing and promotional ideas are virtually endless.  Here are seven different and sometimes unusual gift card promotions:

1)  Buy a gift card and get a retail product.  This works best for those of you that are providing bulk coffee or tea.   Instead of discounting a beverage, give them enough beans or bulk tea to take home and make their own.  Encourage those retail sales so they drink your product at home and in the store!

2)  Buy a card or trade in points to be a VIP.  Buy a $100 or $200 card?  10% off pastry sales for the next month.  Save 200 points?  Trade that in for 10% off drinks in the next month.

3) Enter a contest.   Allow customers to trade their reward points in for an entry to win an iPad or something similar.  This is a great way to eat up those large point balances you might have out there!

Have an 4th?  Comment and let us know!


November 29th, 2012 by