Integrated Credit Cards for your POS

Are you still using a side terminal for your credit cards?  If so, take a look at integrating them into SP-1.    Why? Because it is easier for your staff and your customers.   Let’s look at some of the ways that integrated credit cards can help:

  • Increase speed of service:  Cut some steps.   With integration, you will be able to easily take the order, swipe the card and move on.  Without integration, you are relaying on your employees to hand enter the amount of the transaction.
  • Accuracy:  Hopefully that ‘hand enter’ comment above led you to this one!  Seriously, without an integrated system, you run the risk of the employee ringing in a $5.25 order for $2.55.   Either way, the customer is upset and the store is out money.
  • Cost:  If you have multiple POS stations in your location, then the integrated credit card solution is the way to go.  Our integrated solution is designed to work on all stations in the store for the same cost
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November 16th, 2012 by