Using Discounts in SelbySoft

Do you discount for certain customers or groups of customers?  It can be an effective tool for promotions when used correctly.  I thought I’d cover some of the ways that SP-1 by SelbySoft can help you manage and track your discounts.

First, SP-1 actually has two methods of promotions.  Discounts and Coupons.  The difference is that a discount is a percentage or dollar amount off a specific item (0r group of items) and that a coupon allows you to specify a set price for an item (or group of items).  For example:  You might create a 10% discount on pastries for senior citizens or a $1.00 off a large pizza.  A coupon might be a 2 topping large pizza for $12.99 or $3.00 for a coffee & muffin.

Once you know which method you are looking at, you have a number of other options:

  • What time of day and / or day of week the promotion is good for?
  • Which menu groups and specialty items are included?
  • Will this discount or coupon allow people to combine offers?
  • Can you get full rewards points when using this coupon or discount?
  • When does it expire?
  • Is there a security level required?

More questions?  Give us a call!

June 11th, 2015 by