Additional Equipment from SelbySoft

Do you know that SelbySoft carries a full line of equipment for your store?  I’m not just talking about our full point of sale equipment and software but the additional items you might need in the future.

We typically stock:

  • Cash drawers in two versions along with extra drawers, locking lids and extra keys.
  • Paper for thermal, sticky rolls, plain paper.
  • Labels for bar codes, box labels and cup labels.
  • Printers, including sticky, thermal, plain paper, box label and report printers.
  • Bar code scanners.
  • Order confirmation monitors.
  • Kitchen & Barista monitors with bump bars.
  • Touch screens.
  • Scales for retail.
  • Ribbons for printers.
  • Fingerprint ID.
  • Employee cards

And much more!   Give us a call for more information!

June 25th, 2015 by