Two Trade Show Follow Up

In the last couple of weeks, I have attended two trade shows.  These were my last two until October and they are aways an eye opener.

Trade shows are a fun part of my life in a lot of ways as they remind me just how many people are committed to these industries.  It’s always a great recharge for me as well because people get a chance to see our passion for our customers and the products that we sell.

To us, one of the really interesting things that come up is the questions people ask.  There are really two sets of questions. . . Ones that people ask before they buy a POS and ones that they ask after they already have SP-1. 

So, now that we are back in the office let’s cover some of the questions that we were asked by people that have already bought SP-1:

Do you have to have all those reports on the Business Summary every day?

No – you can default the sub-reports that are run with the business summary.  Simply check them in Reports | Reports Setup 1

How do I easily see the credit card tips at the end of the shift or day?

SP-1 can automatically calculate how much cash is removed from the drawer because of Credit Card Tips – Check Reports | Reports Setup 2 | Convert CC Tip to Cash

Am I set for California Overtime calculations?

Yes, there is a specific switch for the overtime calculations in California.  That can be found in Reports | Reports Setup 2 | California Overtime Calculation.

Does SP-1 support retail?  

Yes – we have the capability to support barcode scanners and printers for barcoding in SP-1

Does SP-1 support inventory control?

Yes!  We have a full inventory control system!  Cost of good sold analysis, food and beverage portion control and variances are all tracked.

Can I have a non-taxable customer?

Create either a customer for each incident or a generic “non-tax” customer and then make sure the taxable button is not checked.  These sales are reported separately on the business summary.

Next time I’ll cover some of the questions that we are asked before people make a purchase!
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