Training with SelbySoft

Our point of sale system does a lot.  After 20 plus years of development, we have had to add feature after feature to stay current and to accommodate the industry (and customers) needs.   I’m guessing that your business has had changing needs as well.  I know that many of our customers have concepts that have changed with the times.   With this in mind, I thought I’d address how easy it is to go back through a training session with SP-1.

Training modes:  Our support guys can install a training mode on your point of sale or on your back office machine.  This allows you to train staff,  explore menu revisions and tweak settings with out affecting your live system.   This is a great way to make sure you have live training options in your store.

Live training with our staff:  Our customers frequently want to setup training sessions with our staff.  Our staff is happy to do this!  Our support staff can even pull a backup of your data and train your while you are not at the store.  This eliminates the need to interfere with the SP-1 by SelbySoft point of sale system while training. 

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September 22nd, 2014 by