10 Tips For Attending Coffee Fest Portland

Are you heading to Portland OR in October for the Coffee Fest show?   Here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years that might help you make it an enjoyable show.

  1. Think about why you are coming to the show.  It seems simple but having a plan can help you spend quality time at the show.  Are you there to open your first coffee shop?  Looking for equipment?  Take classes or just to have fun and network?
  2. Take some classes!  If you have not looked over the class list for Coffee Fest Portland than you are seriously missing out.  Coffee Fest offers more FREE educational classes than any other show I attend.  If you can’t make it to a class, don’t hesitate to ask the presenter for a copy of the educational materials.
  3. Make a quick run through first.  These shows can be big.  Take the time to make a quick run through and mark down any booths you want to spend extra time at.  Don’t wind up missing out on some booths.
  4. Along with #3 – Plan it out.  Every show has an exhibitor list online and in the show guide.  Mark the people that you want to see.   Coffee Fest Portland can be found here.
  5. Talk to people that are attending.  You never know when you will run into another coffee shop owner that has a similar shop.   The other owners at the show probably have run into the same issues you have.
  6. Not interested?  Just say so!  Every so often someone will stop by, ask for the sales pitch and then balk at having their badge scanned.  If you are not interested in a product, just say so!  Most of the exhibitors would rather not waste time following up if you are not interested.
  7. Along with #6 – Step outside the box.  Stop in a booth or two that you have never visited.  Ask about the product or for a short demo or sales spiel.  Sometimes you might surprise yourself by finding a great product.
  8. Get your literature mailed.  I’m convinced that a good percentage of the literature I had our is left in the hotel room.  We know you want to make room for samples and coffee!
  9. Party!  Maybe not in a bad way but definitely attend one or more of the industry functions held around Coffee Fest.  It’s a great way to blow off some steam and network with vendors and attendees in a relaxed environment.
  10. Check out the competitions.  Latte art, America’s Best Coffeehouse and Best Espresso are just a couple of the competitions that will be going on during the show.


September 15th, 2014 by