July 28th, 2011 by Mike Spence

They are not pole displays.  Sounds harsh doesn’t it.  It’s true though.  A pole display is typically old looking, unappealing and really does not cut it in todays world.  Think high resolution monitor with pictures of your product instead of that 3-4 line display with ugly green text. 

They cut theft.  That’s right, they can actually cut employee theft.  Simply by making sure that the customer sees a total on the screen before the employee collects money.  With an OCM facing the customer, you are enlisting your customer in making sure the employee actually rings up the order. Add a simple sign stating your order is free if not displayed and you will cut theft down a significant degree. 

You can sell advertising.  I know it sounds weird but you can.  Since the OCM has the ability to display a slide show of pictures it’s possible to load anything you want.  We currently have customers that sell one slide.  Think advertising for a Realtor.    Sell a popular roasters beans?  Offer to advertise on the OCM for them.

Customers confirm their order.  This is the reason that these were originally developed after all. Because the customer can see their order on the screen, you will will make less mistakes.  Actually, you will probably make the same amount of mistakes, you just catch them before completing the ticket. 

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