June 8th, 2010 by ssadmin

I have attended one trade show and am on my way to the next this week.

During these shows I normally give a presentation on how to use technology to track and increase sales.
It always amazes me how excited people get when they figure out how to use these tools to help enhance the service and training in the store as well as ultimately the full experience the customer receives.

What happens next is curious. A certain percentage of people forget the reasons that they originally were excited about the tools and stop really using them. I typically will talk about a number of methods to accomplish this:

Forced modifiers to help your employees introduce new options, increase order accuracy and even up sell.

Introducing remote monitors and printers to help aid with cutting down on theft, increase order accuracy, and finally just make things easier for your crew.

Tracking and implementing discounts and coupons and then using the online tools like twitter, facebook, and foursquare to promote your store.

Tracking menu categories and seeing what changes need to be made. Really looking at if you need to eliminate drinks etc.

Inventory control and cogs tracking.

Theft controls like audit, gross sales by employee, discounts by employees.

The above are just some of the highlights of my topics. All of these are relatively easy to accomplish with our POS.   So if you have not looked at these items in a while, take some time to revisit what you are doing.

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