October 17th, 2016 by Mike Spence

SelbySoft, Inc has partnered with PerfectCube to provide some exciting new reporting options. With PerfectCube, you can see your data from virtually any device.  Better yet, you will be able to see what your trends are over time, labor and cost of goods sold.
You know that our Coffee & Pizza point of sale already provides this right?  So why did we integrate?  Because we know that sometimes it is not about data, it’s about the analytics.  With PerfectCube, SP-1 by SelbySoft can show you that hot days have lower sales than cloudy days and more.  They can even look at predicting what your sales for the next week should be!


See more at http://www.selbysoft.com/PerfectCubeReporting.html


PerfectCube Reporting

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