April 1st, 2010 by ssadmin

I know it seems like a simple topic but do you track your paid outs? That little paid out button in SP-1 is actually designed to be pretty full featured!

We know that a paid out is anytime money leaves the drawer. Once you select the Paid Out button, you have the ability to add a description for paid out event and a spot to enter in a price. This then records what the description was and at the end of the transaction you have the ability to assign this paid out to a customer.

We do this to make sure that you have the ability to know where that paid out was used and why!

The Paid Out button does double duty however in the fact that it is also used to record Gift Card Refunds. If you allow the ability to refund money to a gift card, you can turn this part on in System Setup. You can also setup the maximum allowed refund amount on gift cards. And don’t worry – SP-1 will not allow you to refund more than is on the card!

When it comes to reporting, remember that paid outs are part of the Business Summary report. You can also use the Ticket History report to break out a single paid out type or look at all paid outs by detail!

There you go. . . A quick introduction to Paid Outs!

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