February 23rd, 2012 by Mike Spence

Are you using our MobileDash feature?  If so, you have probably started to use the MobileAlerts feature as well.
One of the key parts of the MobileAlerts is the void and audit tracking.   I thought it would be fun to explore this further in a blog.   Note that all of the void and edited ticket examples assume that the employee has the security to actually perform the action.  If you lock them out, then there is no way for them to even do this.

The first example and scenario is that an employee completed a ticket and then re-opened it and voided that same ticket.  In this example, we see that the ticekt was re-opened at 10:44am by John Smith on workstation one.  The ticket was then voided by John as well.  We can see that they voided the entire ticket, that it originally had 13 line items (not menu items) and that the price was originally $9.24.


Date: 1/25/12    Time:10:44a

Ticket:0004 Carry-Out (VOIDED)

Void:      10:44a 9999 SMITH, JOHN WS:1

Re-Opened: 10:44a 9999 SMITH, JOHN       WS:1

Items: Current:0  Original:13

SubTotal:  Current:             Original:   9.24

Tax:  Current:             Original:

Total:  Current:             Original:





This next example shows an employee that has re-opened a ticket and then deleted an item off.   John Smith re-opened the ticket and reduced the total sales amount at 10:43 on workstation one.    The original ticket had 16 items and a total balance of $10.71.  After the reduction, the ticket has 7 items and $5.48 as the total balance.


Date: 1/25/12    Time:10:43a

Ticket:0003 Carry-Out

Reduction: 10:43a 9999 SMITH, JOHN WS:1

Re-Opened: 10:43a 9999 SMITH, JOHN      WS:1

Items: Current:7  Original:16

SubTotal: Current:   5.00  Original:   9.75

Tax: Current:    .48  Original:    .96

Total: Current:   5.48  Original:  10.71




This final example shows that the employee has changed the price of an item (most likely through size).  John Smith (boy ,he is a troublemaker) opened the ticket at 10:43 on workstation one  and changed something that resulted in the price dropping from $10.10 to $9.28. The number of items (14) stayed the same so we know that he either deleted an item and replaced it with a lower cost item or changed the item directly to a lower cost item.


Date: 1/25/12    Time:10:43a

Ticket:0002 Carry-Out

Reduction: 10:43a 9999 SMITH, JOHN WS:1

Re-Opened: 10:43a 9999 SMITH, JOHN      WS:1

Items: Current:14  Original:14

SubTotal: Current:   8.45  Original:   9.20

Tax: Current:    .83  Original:    .90

Total: Current:   9.28  Original:  10.10


So there you have it.  Three ways to read the MobileAlert information coming to your cell phone!

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