September 6th, 2012 by Mike Spence

We think a lot about how our customers use our Point Of Sale system.   Printing is one of those areas that we really tried to make sure we covered all the bases.  Printing to remote printers is incredibly helpful if you have a Barista in that is 5-10 feet down the counter or if you have a separate kitchen area.

SP-1 has the ability to support multiple types of remote printers or displays for your Kitchen, Barista or Delivery staff.   It starts with the flexibility of the SP-1 program itself.  SP-1 has been designed to be able to specify when and where items are printed or displayed.  This can be designated by the specific menu items as well by including by any of the following:

Menu Groups (Coffee, Sandwich, Pizza)

Group Sizes (small, medium, large)

Specialties (Mocha, Latte, Garden Sandwich)

This means that you can specify that the Coffee goes to the Barista and the Sandwich goes to the Kitchen printer or monitor.

In addition, we can also specify that any of the printers print multiple receipts.  Here are a couple of examples:

Single Station with one printer:  You can print a receipt, Barista ticket and kitchen ticket from the same printer.

Single Station with  three printers: You can print a receipt at the counter, Barista ticket at the espresso machine and sandwich receipt in the kitchen.


Additionally, SelbySoft offers other printing options:

Printers with red/black ink for highlighting (useful for kitchens).

Thermal Printers with logo printing and coupon printing directly on the receipt.

Sticky thermal paper that will stick right to a cup.

Boxlabel printers for sandwich bags.

Finally, the option of forgoing a printer for the kitchen or barista and use a monitor with a bump bar instead.  This system will allow you to see up to ten orders on the screen at a time!  This screen can also be setup to only show certain menu items just like the printers.  These are a great tool in high volume locations.


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