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It may be hard to believe but this is a feature that some of our customers don’t know about!
Ecomm stands for Employee Communications. Basically it is a built in email system for you to communicate with your employees. Here’s a couple examples:
You come into the store in the morning and they forgot to sweep (again!). Now, you know that you probably won’t see the employee again for a week so, instead of putting a post it note up, you decide to send an Ecomm!
In SP-1 you write the email, select the date to send it, select if the employee will receive it on clock in only or on clock out as well, select if the employee will be able to respond or if it is only for them to read. When you are done you send the message to the employee or employees.

Now, as the employee clocks in, they are prompted with the message and a random four digit code to show they read the message!

Of course this is all recorded in the Employee Master File so you can verify that the employee read the message.
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