December 12th, 2013 by Mike Spence

Do you own a drive thru coffee shop?  Have a drive thru window?  If so, SP-1 by SelbySoft has a few ways to help you.

Drive Thru brings a unique challenge to a location.  Speed becomes more important when taking orders and you have to worry about cards stacking.  SP-1 by SelbySoft has a couple of ways to handle this.

There are a couple of different ways to be setup with a drive thru:

  • Single Station but two windows or a window and a counter:  In this configuration you will use our ‘On Hold’ feature.  Once the order is taken, it is placed On Hold so other orders can be placed in SP-1.   Then when the payment is ready, the order is taken off hold and paid for.
  • Drive thru with a speaker outside: This can be handled two different ways.  First, you can use the On Hold feature to take the order through the headset, place it On Hold and then take the next order.  When car one reaches the window, you take the order off hold and close the transaction.  The On Hold screen shows the orders in the order they were taken.  The second way is to add another POS with our order confirmation system.  This allow one person to take orders quickly from the headset and the other person to close out the orders with the On Hold syste
Below are a couple of screen shots showing how this could work.

Order Confirmation Monitor

Putting an order On Hold

Choosing an order off the screen.

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November 15th, 2011 by Mike Spence

Hopefully you have all seen that we are now carrying a line of tablets for POS use.  The question now becomes “what would I use it for?”.

Well… Let me give you some suggestions . . .

Line Busting: The most common thought with tablets is to line bust.  The scenario is that your customers come in and are waiting in a line.  Instead of waiting for the customer to hit the counter, order, pay and wait for the product, we switch it around some.   While they are in line waiting, you send an employee with a tablet down the line for pre-orders.  Now the overall perceived time spent waiting for the product is cut down.   This is a great way to help in busy locations.

Pre-Ordering:  This is similar but a little more involved.  The goal here is to immediately engage the customer as they walk in the door.   The employee takes the customers order while standing face to face with the customer.  Once that order is taken, the customer can then move through the line to pay at the terminal and pick up the drink.  One big advantage here is that once the order is placed, most customers are more willing to wait and less likely to leave.

Drive Thru:   Take the concepts above and apply them to customers waiting in line at the drive thru.   This can allow you to have an employee get out and pre-order for the drive thru windows.

Table Service: Have your server use a tablet at the table to take the customers order.   This allows you to make full use of the up sell (forced modifiers) capability of SP-1 as well as speed up table turns as well as a more accurate order.

Take it outside:  Do you have seating outside?  Using a tablet can mean that you can dedicate an order taker to handle those orders and make it more convenient for  your customers.



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