November 30th, 2015 by Mike Spence

Do you know about our Mutli-Store Reporting package?  This is an optional feature (call for pricing) that provides you with multiple features.

Our Corporate package can be installed on more than one off site computer.  That allows you, your partner, your manager and your accountant all all receive daily reporting from the point of sale.  Best of all, these reports are the exact ones that SP-1 generates on the store level.

The Corporate package also allows you to share gift and loyalty between multiple stores without a steep monthly fee.

Finally, MobileDash Reporting is free with the Corporate package!



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January 30th, 2014 by Mike Spence

If you have multiple locations, you know that it can be a hassle to stay on top of the reporting you need.   Over the years we have developed specific solutions for multi store owners.  I’ve outlined them below!

  • Corporate Reporting:  This is our basic level of corporate software for multi-store owners.   With this option, you have the ability to receive all historical reporting and information nightly.  This software can also be installed on multiple corporate computers.  That allows owners to have it available on their home computer, laptop, office computer etc.
  • Full Corporate Software:  This software takes our corporate package to the next level.  It works the same as our corporate reporting software but also includes the ability to control menu changes from a central location.
  • Enterprise Software:  This is designed for stores that start to franchise.  With the Enterprise level software, you can not only control the menu from a central location but allow franchisees to set pricing but not change the menu items.
Here is the best part!  Each of these packages also includes:
  • Cloud based backups.
  • Free gift and loyalty sharing between locations.
  • MobileDash reporting to your phone.
Want more information?  Give me a call and we can sort out what is best for you.

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February 21st, 2013 by Mike Spence

Do you have multiple locations?  We all know that moving from store one to store 2 or 20 can be tough.  You simply cannot be two places at once!

Maybe you only have one location but have quite a bit of distance to travel.

If either of these situations seem familiar, then our Corporate Reporting option is what you are looking for.

Our Corporate Reporting option is a great way to stay on top of multiple locations.  The Corporate Reporting software will allow you to review reporting from any of the locations that are active right from your home, laptop or office. Once this is setup, the store locations will automatically transmit the sales information from the store to the corporate software.  On the corporate side you can see any reporting information from the previous day back to the first day you used SP-1.    This gives you the ability to manage the reporting for your business without having to interrupt the location.

This software package also allows you to handle multi-location gift and loyalty for free.  With this option, you can seamlessly share, in real time, gift and loyalty cards between locations.

Finally our MobileDash and MobileAlerts systems are included with the purchase of the Corporate Reporting software.  MobileDash allows you to receive hourly email updates from your store locations.  MobileAlerts will send real-time alerts from the store when tickets are voided, audit triggers are met, employees clock in and more.

Need more?  Call and ask us about our Full Corporate package and Enterprise options.

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