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Security Levels! I know it’s not the most exciting topic but I am amazed by the number of stores that have open levels of security for their employees. Security is important so you can remain on top of who is doing what and when. After all, you lock your doors right?

SP-1 has 11 levels of security available. The first ten are labeled 0 through 9 with 9 being the highest. The 11th level is by leaving the security code blank.

Let’s tackle some of these. . .
The blank security code is the most interesting to start with. By entering an employee and leaving their security code blank, you are telling SP-1 that this employee will ONLY be allowed to clock in and out. They cannot access any other area of the program. This is great for having cleaning staff or anyone else that you track time with but is not actually working on the POS.

Levels 0 through 9 are used to assign what an employee can and can’t do. If a zero is assigned to an employee, that employee only has access to the order screen (Order Entry) in SP-1.
Levels 1 – 8 can be assigned to employees that may need access to any of the other areas of SP-1.

Our general suggestion is to assign employees as follows:
Owner – 9
Manager -5
Shift Supervisor – 3
Employee – 0
It is VERY important that only the owner has a 9 on their account.

This leaves you with some levels for growth and for multiple stores.

Once you have assigned the security level, you would place that code in the system security section on each of the items you want to control. Remember that if you enter a number, then anyone with that level or higher could access that item. So a 3 can do anything a 0-2 can and so on.

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