Saving Reports

Did you know that you can save virtually any of the reports in SP-1 to the disk? Now, what that means is that the reports can be saved in a format that you can then bring to your home or office and review without having to print them off. One of our current customers, Jennifer Horne from Java Angels, asked this recently.

Remember that when you go to print a report, SP-1 will give you the option of saving the report to an “Unformatted Disk”. When this is selected, you will be prompted for the name. SP-1 ALWAYS saves reports to the SP1 folder on the main drive. For almost all our customers, that will be the F:\SP1 Folder.

The extention of the of the file is blank. So if you copy the file from there to a Jump Drive (USB device) you can take it home.

Now there is another way to do this that has been poplular as well. Setup a Gmail or Yahoo account and then everyday have the employees start an email and attach the file – then save it as a draft! You can then instantly check that email and see or download the reports at home or the office.

Don’t forget that Logmein Free is another great option to remotely view the reporting from a location outside the store.

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