Business Summary Information!

Over the last couple weeks we have had some questions regarding the Business Summary. As you may know, this is the best report to see what is happening in your store! One of the questions came from a current customer (Ralph from Classic Pizza in Michigan): Ralph wanted to know about splitting the sales into a day and night shift for total sales comparison.

Our Business Summary has a the ability to break down the total sales by a day and night part. This is great for seeing where the majority of your business comes from. Also, these numbers break out the total tickets and the average dollar per ticket on the report. This is very useful in figuring out what is happening in the store!

Don’t forget that you default which reports show up on the Business Summary – this way you can set it up to only have your pertinent reports show on a daily basis.

One other item to be aware of is that a portion of this report will be exported to an excel compatible file when you select the XML button.

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August 21st, 2009 by