Burger King introduces oatmeal to breakfast menu or How to revamp your thinking about POS

I saw this post online about how Burger King is introducing oatmeal  to their breakfast menu.  BK is trying to compete with McDonald’s in breakfast sales.  To me, the most interesting part of the article was the comment by an analyst that Burger King needs to revamp and remodel their stores.  At least BK is thinking about ways to compete and change their own status quo.

That comment reminded me of our own struggles with customer perceptions in the past.    A few years ago we realized that we had to “re-skin” our software every so often to keep it fresh and new to our customers.  We had gotten to the point where the software just didn’t “look fresh”.    It doesn’t matter if it was true or not, it’s a perception.

It made me think about the  way people use SP-1.  Honestly, when is the last time you really thought about all the reasons you bought a POS for your coffee shop or restaurant in the first place?

Think about doing a remodel on your perception of your POS!  Treat yourself like you are about to do some research and look for ways our POS can help you with your store.    It’s easy to get caught up in a rut and use SP-1 as a cash register but we can do so much more.

Look over the following and think about the last time you looked at these:

  • Customers who have not ordered in the last 30 days report.  You don’t have to do a mailing or email blast.  Just run the report, look them up and call them!  Tell them you know they have not been in for a while and offer a discount to get them in.  Want to set yourself apart from your competition?  This will do it!
  • Have you looked at an employee time keeping audit report?   No?  Are you sure your manager is not changing the clock in time for that cute girl / guy employee?  Really, your sure?
  • Look at a list of your specialty coffee drinks or food items for the last year and see which account for less than 3-5% of your total sales.  Get rid of them or promote them differently.
Try taking just a few minutes to look over our website and see if there are some features that you are not using.   If you see something, call us and our support guys just might be able to help you save time or money.



September 13th, 2011 by