Maximize Your Cafe Point of Sale

I thought it would be fun to share a few tips to maximize your experience with SP-1 by SelbySoft.


  1. Optimize your cafe pos menu.  If you have had SelbySoft for a while, you have probably made some menu changes on your own.  Do you sometimes think that the menu is “too complicate”?  Do you hear yourself saying, “I wish it were easier”?  If so, we probably need to look at how your menu is laid out.  While we love customers that take things into their own hands, sometimes you may add items and not be 100% certain of how to do it.  These small menu updates that are not done correctly wind up being a big mess in some cases.   Let our experts help you revise and correct your menu.  It will really enhance your ordering experience.
  2. Call and check for current updates.  We are constantly improving our point of sale system.  Take advantage of these updates and see what you might be missing.  Are you using our scheduling or credit card fee updates?  What about the changes made to the barista monitors?
  3. Add a free trial of MobileDash.  If you are out of the shop on a regular basis, try signing up for this.  Hourly emails to let you know exactly what is happening when you are not there.


February 9th, 2016 by