MobileDash Recap


Our MobileDash system has been around for a couple of years now but there are still some of our customers that have yet to experience it.

MobileDash allows you to receive hourly sales updates through email on your phone, tablet or desktop.  These updates are sent directly from the store to you.  Your employees at the store level don’t even need to know that you can receive this reporting.   That helps you stay on top of things.

New to 2012 is a column that shows the report from the last hour reported on.  See the example below for some details.

Remember that MobileDash comes with MobileAlerts as well.   MobileAlerts provides you with:

Notification on employee clock in.

Alerts if a ticket is voided.

Alerts if a no sale is performed.

Audit reports if an employee attempts to alter a previous ticket.


By the way, call us for a free 45 day trial of MobileDash if you are not already using it!

July 20th, 2012 by