Integrated Credit Card

Who doesn’t take credit cards in today’s world? We all know the statistics regarding how accepting credit cards will boost your sales and increase average ticket sizes.

So, the question is how can we make this more efficient at the store level? By integrating the credit card system and getting rid of those separate units.

With a separate unit, the transaction usually goes something like this. . .

Employee rings up the order, selects credit cards, selects visa and then swipes the card through the separate terminal. . . at that point the employee enters at least the total and possibly the last four of the credit card, expiration and possibly the cvv. End result? The line is waiting. If you have multiple stations, then you are sharing or buying additional terminals.

If it’s a phone or delivery order, it gets worse! The employee has to actually write down the information and hand key it in while the customer is on hold. Twice the work and twice the security risk!

Now at the end of the night, you have to hope that the totals match, that an employees did not select cash in the POS and then still take a credit card and so on.

So how can we make this easier?

With our Integrated Secure Credit Card Processing System activated, the whole process is simplified:

The employee rings the order up, swipes the card and is done. That’s it!

Multiple stations? The interface works on all the computers in the location, each station will just swipe it on the monitor.

Phone or Delivery orders? Simply type the credit card number directly on the screen and it will process.

So there you go. . . A couple ways that integrating your credit card system can make your store more efficient and eliminate headaches for you, your employees and your customers!

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