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I’m finally back on the blogs for each week . . . We are getting ready for two big shows that are coming up and have had some interest in showing off our Fingerprint ID Security System at these shows.

One of the things that we have heard more about in the last year is the incidents of employee theft increasing.

So what is a Fingerprint ID System and how does it work? These units are connected to the software and then either sit on the counter or attach to a monitor. They are designed to allow the employee to use any one of their fingers to both clock in to the system and to be used as an id for employee tracking.

What this means to you is that you will have a complete piece of mind when dealing with your employees. For instance, you can reduce the incidents for employee time theft easily. So, when the employee wants to have a buddy clock in for him . . . can’t happen.

But this works both ways. . . If you assign employees to cash drawers (future blog topic?), then the fingerprint helps that employee feel secure. Let’s play this out. . .

Bob is assigned to a cash drawer – he is the only person that should be handling the money at the counter. Now, Bob walks away and Susie knows his four digit code. She enters that, hits no sale and pockets the cash. Bob get’s blamed. So, what if we use the employee swipe card instead? Same scenario. . .

Susie walks up, grabs the card Bob left behind, swipes it and steals the money. Bob get’s blamed. Finally, let’s play this out with a fingerprint. . .

Susie walks up and . . . Nothing – she can’t open the drawer. Bob is secure in knowing that the cash in the drawer is his responsibility and that it is accurate.

So, if you have a fingerprint through us – use it! If not, call us and ask how we can implement it in your location.

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